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Words that are long overdue

It's been years since we've first met , Do u remeber it? i can't. Seems like i've known u since i was in my mom's belly.

We never liked one another as kids. You used to be that long-haired quite girl, who put on pretty clothes and braided her hair. I was the typical tomboy, short umanagable hair, scratches all over my legs, and maddness so striking against your cuteness.Yet time brought us together, and we became friends.

Everytime i took a new path in life, somehow i'd find you there along it. No one knows me better than you, no one could see me and instantly recognize any insignificant change in me as u do.I couldn't lose weight, gain weight, fancy someone, get heartbroken, cut my hair, or even do my eyebrows with out you notticing.

At times i could have screamed from feeling that exposed, other times it was a relief not having to explain what i am feeling, for you know it all alone.

There were times when i even felt jealous of your beauty, maybe even threatened by it, but how can i keep such feellings towards someone as kind, genuine, and so worthy of such beauty, as YOU.

I must have hurt you at times, for this forgive me.

Have i even really told you how much you mean to me? or did i just take it for granted that you'd know it just like everything else? have i even given you the words? for you and i know very well how secure words could make us, or how they could break us.

We've changed alot, yet, you've always been my real bestfriend.Let's look up our old diaries, letters, emails and photoes. We'll find 2 girls with similar thoughts and feelings.

What was your favourite movie back then? wasn't it the same as mine?, and 2 years ago, who was your favourite author? just like me... We'd take different paths, but reach the same conclusion, and get surprised to find eachother there. But it has always been like this.

You once told me i was one of the few certainties in your life, i am glad, cause that's what you are to me, you are the one person i took blindly for granted, and i wouldn't want to imagine my life with out YOU.

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salma يقول...

23/9/2000:she is the most nice girl i've ever met and i really don't know how can i'll be without her the next 10 month
here i am,she will leave after about 48 hours. iw ill enjoy the last hours with her and i will miss her so much
she has gone!!!!:(

2002"you were,are and always will be,,,,"

"i had a dream,,she is back,,i am hugging her strongly and firlmly and crying,crying,crying,she doesn't know the problems we will have,,how it will be! she doesn't know that what we thought was impposible will happen easily"

When life is turning so cruel and cold,when i feel so alienated so small and helpless and start to evaluate my life and see what i have gained and what i have lost,i find u there,,in all of these moment of sincere feelings,,when i really laugh from the bottom of my heart,when i really cry,when i am very sick and heartbroken,i find u in this little childish pop song i like,in this small cheap stock for clothes,in a red glittery underwear ;),i find my life very rich because i share it with you,because u even make the most ordiary moments the most valuable moments in life.

Fanana يقول...

Hey You,
whoever u are...U STOLE MY DRAWING STYLE....THEIF !

Amged يقول...

That's so gay!