الأربعاء، أكتوبر ١١، ٢٠٠٦

Make peace with the environment

How many times have you found yourself throwing a piece of paper in the street thinking " this little thing won't make a difference", or leaving the water tap dropping thinking " this is nothing"??
The problem isn't just that in other places millions are just doing that same thing, thinking in that same manner, and when you add them all up you'll find it really makes a difference. But also by doing this, we are allowing a certain careless attitude towards the environment to settle in inside of us, and be part of our approach towards life.
It's the easiest thing to do, to label anything "unimportant" rather than invest a tiny amount effort in opening our eyes wider, and thoroughly look at it.
Do we ever wonder how many species were banned to extinction, not naturally, but as a result of our interference? or do we just dismiss anything that doesn't appear to be forming an obvious part of our daily life?
Let's not look at life as if through a key-hole, only seeing what's right there infront of us. Let's look at the whole image, and see for ourselves that the world doesn't revolve around the human race, that we are just a tiny part of a huge and complex system, either we blend in, in harmony with it, or else, this system would eventually spit us out of it.

We can all sit in our places and think " we can't do anything about it, it's way beyond our abilities to stand up against corrupted goverments, economy of countries, business investements, human behaviour, ..."
But we can also start by atleast doing small things that are within our power, and as small as they might seem, their accumulation with time, would eventually make them big enough to make a difference.

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