الأحد، يناير ٣٠، ٢٠١١

Long Live the Revolution of The Egyptian People

I am exhausted!

I can't sleep. My head won't stop and give me a moment to rest. Too many precious moments need to be etched in my memory and I have no time to linger on them.
I feel Like crying, laughing and screaming.
Images are racing by, I need to capture them. Just spit any vague words to remind me of them later. When Mobarak leaves I'll have the time to stop at every image and savor it, for now this has to be enough:

They hit us bad. They shot tear gas at us, I saw ppl running and screaming, and all i can remember is the tweeted instructions " Do not rub ur eyes" I tried, I really tried, but my eyes were on fire, I didn't rub them though but ended up walking blindly into a wall. Then someone carried me up onto a small garden in the middle of Tahrir square, helped me and stayed there to make sure I am ok while bombs were still falling around us. This was 1 of many strangers I would momentarily bond with over the next dew days.

Then they beat everyone up. Total chaos. Rocks, Batoons, Water from fre trucks, I saw many wounded, minor wounds but they shocked me, I didn't know yet that this was nothing compared to what awaits us in the next few days. Amidst all this my dear JarelKamar came running at me, shielded my back with his body and ran with me away from the flying rocks.

A while later I felt more at ease wt all these gases and flying rocks. I came prepared for minor injuries, so I walked around to check if anyone needs help. I tended to a few wounded then came 4 guys running at me, they looked like the kind of guys I would normally avoid in the street for fear of sexual harassment, but they were running for my help, one of them was injured from a rock thrown at him by the police, I helped them with it which was followed by a moment of them cheering me and my gad3ana . This was just so wonderful.
Ofcourse it helped that I had a recent scar on my chin with stitches which they asked me about and to which I laughingly said " I fell at work yesterday, I came to the demo fully prepared wt my own scar" and we laughed together before running again

I walked the streets with men and women, of all sorts of backgrounds. Never have I felt a sense of belonging like then, like now. I was happy just to be in the streets sitting in close proximity with thousands of strangers, snuggled in a warm cocoon, liberating Tahrir square, marking it as ours.

There is much more to tell. Many stories that must be told. I owe it to the people who allowed me to briefly share it with them, but I am really exhausted now.

Around me, friends are sleeping on couches, on the floor, in any empty space they can find.
I call them friends eventhough half of them I've never met before this week, but so many things happened, together we shared intensely charged emotional days that we became friends rapidly.

Yesterday I was terrified, I was freaked out like never before. I was shaking in bed trying to convince myself to sleep. I actually thought of writing a note and posting it on my fridge incase I died. Now I feel elated.

I have lived to see the uprise of the Egyptian people and the downfall of Mobarak . I can dream about having kids and me telling them proudly that I was part of this extraordinary moment.

This is my place.

These are my people,

and we just seized our country back.

Long Live the Revolution of The Egyptian People

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7alettwakof يقول...

i wish i was there ,but unfortunately im still out of Egypt,,long live the revolution of the egyptian people

SurveyGuy يقول...
أزال المؤلف هذا التعليق.
7ala's fluff يقول...

You Egyptian ladies are so brave out there with your men, fighting for what you believe to be your human rights. I fully support you & all Egyptians & i hope that you win your freedom from this vile dictator.
I have lived in Egypt, & i know just how hard it is to live that life.
My prayers are with you & may God bless you.
7ala fawzy.

Philippe يقول...

From France: Bravo and Allah bless you

Felice Capretta يقول...

this is your tweet appeared earlier on AJE

i am with you and with your people.

peace and freedom



غير معرف يقول...

From Syria: we are proud of you ya gada3a

liz يقول...

you are my hero! i hope I would do just what you have -- go out there, twitter, run back and forth uploading photos, and blog whatever I could. you rock!

I.M.Sharma يقول...

I appreciate the revolutionary zeal and upsurge no doubt, but you are citing one goddess Maat or so, which sounds so familiar to us Indians (Maatha in Sanskrit means Mother). But I would like to know how this worship of mother goddess is compatible with the religion you embraced i.e. Islam and whether you
? (realize that mistake (either way

غير معرف يقول...

from the us: stay strong and brave! stay safe, fight for your freedom, fight for what you believe in. we love and support you.

BOMBOVA يقول...

You Give Clear Voice to what your eyes see. Thank you for your reports "live " from your vantage point.
Stay Safe , be Secure. and with Calm, tell the world what is happening .

Thomas Gx. In Vancouver Canada

roedfugl يقول...

i'm very touched by your revolution!
i wish you to stay safe and strong. we are not beleaving in liars, we see very well what is going on! shame on mubarak, who is not listening, nor talking to the people. somebody must stopp him, egyptian people cannot die for a despote! love and solidarity. ana masri!

michèle meyer switzerland

Green Monkey يقول...

Hala Gorani roughed up by Mubarak goons.
Anderson Cooper roughed up by Mubarak goons. Shown on CNN in America. "Rudy" Giulianiex may of New york unsure of what Obama is doing

Stay safe, and rest. Prayers from Thomas Gx, in Vancouver Canada

غير معرف يقول...

Love and Hope from the USA

Bless you All!

Peace in our Lifetime!

admin يقول...

لم ارى اقوى من قلمك تحياتى لك

الاف المقالات الحصرية والمجانيةللجميع
محتوى متميز لموقعك وحصرى وبدون تعب
فقط سجل ليصلك كل يوم 3 مقالات جديدة وحصرية يمكن اضافتها فى موقعك
لتربح منة بازن الله تعالى فقط سجل وادعيلى بظاهر الغيب
مدونة الحب اقوى مدونة تتكلم عن الحب
بانواعة وصفاتة الحسن فية والسىء تخصصنا فتميزنا
كل سنة وانتم احباء وطيبين
زورونا تسعدو بازن اللة
اترك سؤال لتجد اجابة من متخصص فى الحب
مدونة الحب
وبالانجلش كمان
فيديو حصرى لن تجدة سوى عندنا فقط
ادعمنا بزيارتك
اقوى الفيديوهات المتميزة
اقوى صور سطح المكتب
اقوى المقالات المجانيه

americansister يقول...

Last night your voice reached out from Tahrir Square and reached into my heart. I am an American woman sitting at my computer and yet I feel like I sister. So touched when I discovered your blog and saw your honoring Ma'at as I have for many years. Dear Brave One, remember the Soul knows Truth! Our hearts are with you as you continue under the banner of Truth to claim your Freedom.
As I write this, I hear Anderson Cooper reading a writing about
Tahrir Square. I do not know who wrote it, however, it's refrain is
going out all over the world repeating the refrain "Fear has been defeated. There's no turning back."
I read your exhausted tweet tonight. Do not doubt yourself or your cause, Sweet Sister. I pray you are sleeping...and that your heart and body will receive new
strength and the assurance that you have made great progress. Much of American press is saying you have accomplished the most remarkable things and that today the military made the choice to align with you. I do not know if they know anything, however, the fact is your accomplishments are being heralded! Keep faith and pleace accept our blessings and best wishes for your success and safety...

purple يقول...

You all really are an inspiration to the world

washico يقول...

l admire and even at awe of the floods of rmotions and actions you and your friends, bros and sisters are going through.. i envy you witnessing and CREATING history.. Love u all

roedfugl يقول...

thank you to you egyptian-pro-democracy-activists!
you are so strong and clair standing for a world with disgnity and freedom.
i'm living in a so-called democracy- and it is one, yes, but not as it could be.
i feel shame and anger against my "leaders" remaining in silence- for me the path of silent diplomaty is not enough. we here want to know why still there is money from despots all over the world in our country.
i feel ugly for that. we are becoming richer and fatter because of others beein suppressed. it is time for an other world. for other "globalism".
i'm so touched by the egyptian people revolution!
and i'm shocked about how leaders in usa and europe are responding. it is yours! your revolution, and there is no question now who is the leader of it. it's the people. as we can see. we can see you cleaning the streets, organising life , help and resistance.
so the rest of the world should support the people and shut up with all this power-and buisness- questions!
i wish you to keep your deep love to life and freedom. go for it. you are making history!
free egypt.

غير معرف يقول...

I think of you all brave people in Egypt doing remarkable things for your and everybodys freedom. I follow you every day in the media and want to send curage and love and hope you'll be strong and continue until he falls. We all admire you and hope that your freedom call will spread over the world
love from Sweden!