الأحد، يناير ٠٩، ٢٠١١

Home again!

For years i had one gang of friends that are like family to me.
They've been part of my life for many many years, We've lived many lives together, We were together at times of happiness, embarrassment, pain, farewells. We've seen many things together that now it seems the natural thing to do to share with them  my most treasured thoughts and events.

When I was leaving the one guy I really loved, knowing they were there gave me strength to hold on to my decision despite the pain and confusion.

We grew up together. We fought, we yelled, we laughed, we danced. We danced alot, and laughed alot.
Since 2000 we celebrated every new year's eve together. But as we grew up, it got harder for all of us to gather. Some were abroad to study, and some traveled alot with their work.
This new year's eve however was different. Amr was back from France. Emzo, Dj and Basma came from Uk. Kerstin and Nora came from Germany.
True we weren't all there, we were still missing some, but still this kind of gathering didn't happen in a long time. So this new year's eve was special, and we were all excited about it.
And it was great. One big bubble of happiness, music and childhood memories. I was lost in warmth and an enormous gratitude for life. And when this song started to play, we hugged each other, jumped together as we loudly sang: 
" Dancing in the moonlight
Singing in the rain
Oh, it's good to be back home again
Laughing in the sunlight
Running down the lane
Oh, it's good to be back home again"

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