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In progress...

I started writing this post on Jan 31st 2011
Everything was happening too quickly for me to grasp it, and I was attempting to pause it for seconds & take in what I was experiencing.

I never got the chance to finish this post, and I don't think I will anytime soon.

I suddenly remembered! I never got a chance to finish it cause we got suddely cut off from the last means of connecting to the internet. I even sent out 2 "speak to tweet" s one in English & one in Arabic  (with a small message to my brother & his wife :) )

Anyway, I thought I'd publish it just as it is, unfnished just like our revolution: A story that is still in progress, still unfolding & still wonderfully dazzling me with surprises.


When I wrote here a week ago asking people to be part of January 25th protest the reason I gave was that each one of us deserves to live this special moment where you chant in unity with strangers as you are walking down the streets feeling that you own these streets. Never had I expected this moment I was urging everyone to seek to extend for 7 continuous days, and certainly I wouldn't have predicted to be that overwhelmingly powerful and warm.

I love this country.
When I was young I formed several images of it, and over the years my main concern was to keep those images as pure and unspoilt as possible.
It was hard. It was so damn hard.
I had dreams for me here that were repeatedly smashed and I was afraid of the day I'd be too exhausted to collect the pieces. That I will just give up, pack and leave.

I wanted to work in a country where i don't have to wait several moths, going through a rediculous amount of bureaucratic paperwork just to get my salary which is little anyway.
I wanted to give birth to kids in a country without fearing I would lose them like Khaled said's mom lost her precious son.
I wanted to live in a country where if i got harassed in the street I wouldn't refrain from complaining to the police for fear of more harassment.

My brother once told me I have romanticized  my perception of Egypt, I realise in so many situation I did that. It was my only way of surviving, living Egypt blind to the cruel side of it. But this time, these days, I am really living Egypt and Egypt is really beautiful. The people are great, and every day they present me with new surprise.


I was amazed

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